Raisin Hamsters – Dream Series (Creatures)

I am currently working on two bodies of work. One is titled, Lost & Found and the other is titled, Dream Series. This is one of my latest Dream Series images. It is… Continue reading

NEW: Lost & Found image

Here is yet another new image from my latest series: Lost & Found . These are two of my favorite photographs from this series but also two of the saddest ones.

The evolution of the lizard lady sculpture

I am currently working on a photo series about my dreams. This project involves self portraits, sculptures, dioramas and more. I write down my dreams in a journal and then create a photograph… Continue reading

Dreamy surrealist photographer – Angela Bacon-Kidwell

I was immediately drawn to Angela Bacon-Kidwell’s work when I first saw it. Her photographs are surreal, dreamy, and captivating. Angela uses her dreams as an inspiration which I can relate to since… Continue reading

New Image from Lost & Found Series

Here is another image from the Lost & Found Series. The Lost & Found series will be on my website in the next few weeks once I am done with the final edits… Continue reading

Lori Nix – Talented photographer who makes tiny objects come to life

I would like to make a routine of posting my work and other photographers work that inspires me. Lori Nix is a HUGE inspiration to me! You can tell by looking at her… Continue reading

Mark Lagrange – Amazing Fashion Photographer

The other day I came across fine art/fashion photographer Mark Lagrange’s work! Wow, I love the simplicity of a lot of his work yet it draws you in. Although his work is very… Continue reading

Lost and Found Series coming soon!

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post and I am excited to get started! Currently, I have been scanning and editing photographs to include in my new series entitled,┬áLost and Found. I… Continue reading